Employee or Independent Contractor?

It depends on whether you are employed as ‘contract of service’ or ‘contract for service’ Employees have a …..

Peak Period for Farm Injuries

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Making the most out of KiwiSaver

Are you maximising the annual Kiwisaver Government contribution? Check Now

Home Insurance - Sum insured..

Your home could be one of the most expensive asset you own. Have you checked your policy recently? Are you insured for replacement or sum insured?

Succession Planning

All business owners should consider a strategy for passing on key leadership roles within the company to someone else for either short term or long term..

Health & Safety at Work

Employers are obligated to ensure the safety of their employees. Make sure you know the rules

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Our commitment to excellence is evident in our hardworking team and the exceptional service we offer.


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Our great working conditions with the opportunity for individual growth for all members of staff.

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Welcome to Nick Hoogeveen & Associates

Since its establishment, Nick Hoogeveen & Associates Chartered Accountants have been delivering focused and relevant accounting services to meet the needs of the clients in the current economic climate.

Meeting the needs of clients in today’s rapidly changing business environment requires a constantly changing service with specialist advisory services, business tools, financial products, and taxation structures that deliver maximum return to the client.

At Nick Hoogeveen & Associates we understand that people are unique, businesses are unique, and your situation is unique. To this end, we are dedicated to providing timely, accurate accounting solutions tailored to suit individual needs. We will work alongside you with the aim of not only solving problems that arise but helping you reach your financial goals.

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