Checklist To Help Farms to be Covid – 19 Prepared

With the rising numbers in cases every day it is just a matter of time before a positive Covid-19 case(s) is detected on your farm or business. Is your farm or business prepared for such an event?

It’s important to have a plan to ensure you can continue to operate on your farm or business when an employee or a family member contracts COVID-19. You may require to leave your property quickly.

Having a plan will help give you comfort that others will be able to step in and help.

The latest initiative is a checklist for farmers so that they can tick off preparation readiness in terms of personal wellbeing, and everything a neighbour or someone else coming onto the farm would need to know should key people have to go into MIQ or hospital – right down to the names of dogs and where their food is located.

The checklist is available on the Federated Farmers website and from the other groups that helped put it together: DairyNZ, Beef + Lamb New Zealand, NZ Pork, Deer Industry NZ, Poultry Industry Association of NZ, and the Egg Producers Federation of NZ.

The checklist can be downloaded from the Federated Farmers website:


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